Boost Academy – New Community Space for Boost Turku on Arwidssoninkatu street

Ajankohtaista Kommentit pois päältä artikkelissa Boost Academy – New Community Space for Boost Turku on Arwidssoninkatu street

In the picture: Community Manager Liisa Lehtonen and Network and Space Programme Manager Anssi Ketopaikka.

Boost Turku is a multidisciplinary entrepreneurship society for all entrepreneur-minded higher education students in the Turku region. Boost Turku was established 2009, and nowadays the society headquarters at SparkUp (Tykistökatu 4). In order to benefit a wider range of students and get closer to them, Boost will now open a new community space in the university campus this autumn, Boost Academy.


Our goal is for our doors to be open for anyone that might have even the slightest interest in the idea of entrepreneurship. If you walk in, we are here for you, says Anssi Ketopaikka, the Network and Space Programme Manager.

The new premises also function as a workspace for university-based start-ups that have already participated in the ten-week Startup Journey accelerator programme. That way, the growing start-ups may mentor beginners, who are willing to get involved in the entrepreneurial community.

We wish to offer students our support as well as a safe environment where they may create their own multidisciplinary teams and validate their business ideas all year long, emphasizes Ketopaikka.

The first concrete chance to do so is to participate in the upcoming Startup Weekend Turku event on October 27-29. This will be an opportunity for students to make 8-10 potential company propositions.

New Community Manager

Boost Turku isn’t only getting a new location, it is also welcoming a new community manager. Liisa Lehtonen, engineer student of information technology at Turku School of Applied Sciences, and previously vice president and board member of Boost Turku, will now be in charge of the Boost community.

I’ve had one foot in Boost since the very beginning of my studies and I’ve always been interested in communities. Within years, the community has become more complete and it has gained importance in the Turku scene, tells Lehtonen.

We have fun and at the same time we are serious about achieving our goals – making entrepreneurship more accessible to students. It is easy to join us and entrepreneur-minded people are very welcome to become members!

Researchers and Staff at UTU are Welcome to Join!

The new community space is also open for University of Turku researchers and staff.

It therefore serves also the Entrepreneurial University initiative at the University of Turku, which aims to strengthen entrepreneurial mind set, behaviour and culture across the entire University, say Entrepreneurship Programme Manager Kirsi Peura and Collaboration Manager Mikko Pohjola.


Upcoming events at Boost Turku

  • Epic Boost Academy Launch Event
    September 20, 2017, Arwidssoninkatu 3B
    More information
  • A regular autumn meeting
    October 12, 2017, SparkUp (Tykistökatu 4)
    Board members are selected. All interested are welcome to join!
  • Startup Weekend Turku
    October 27–29, 2017, SparkUp (Tykistökatu 4)
    Test startup ideas, meet potential co-founders, build the community in Turku and launch your next startup!
    More information

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