Intoa! Entrepreneurial Act of the Year competition open till 31 March 2017!

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For the second time, the Intoa! Entrepreneurial Act of the Year competition seeks acts that promote entrepreneurial attitude and activities in the University. Application period for the competition is open until 31 March 2017.

​The Entrepreneurial Act of the Year award is €30,000. It is awarded as an encouragement and acknowledgement to a person or group who have successfully and independently promoted entrepreneurial attitude and activities in the University. The competition was organised for the first time in 2015–2016, and the winner was the Startup! course.

Altogether 30 suggestions were received for the competition last year.

— We received many great suggestions last year, and the panel of judges faced a difficult task. Many great entrepreneurial acts were not yet awarded which is why we encourage the contestants to participate in the competition again this year, say Entrepreneurship Programme Managers Kirsi Peura and Mikko Pohjola.

You can apply to the competition yourself or suggest another person or a group for the award by sending email to The prize will be awarded as a grant to one entrepreneurial act or, for justified reasons, two acts at the most. The winner must be a member of the University staff or a group that can also include students.

The winner will be announced at Turun yliopiston yrittäjyyspäivä (held in Finnish) on 25 April 2017.
Sign up to the event (in Finnish).

Award Provides Opportunities for Further Development

In addition to the winner, four other acts from the top 5 were awarded with €5,000 as an encouragement.

Multilingual Translation Workshop was one of the awarded acts. According to University Teacher Outi Veivo, one of the responsible teachers of the course, the prize money has been so far used to build international connections and to update the expertise of the teachers of the workshop. Multilingual Translation Workshop is a course of the School of Languages and Translation Studies in which students create an imaginary company and practice working life skills needed in the translation industry.

— We organised training for the teachers of the workshop with the prize money in autumn 2016. The workshop’s practices and evaluation were developed, and the process was led by Marcel Thelen. He is a pioneer of workshop-type translation education from Maastricht. In addition, technological skills of the teachers were refined in a training provided by translation agency Semantix, says Veivo.

— Thelen’s visit also provided a connection to the international Network of Stimulated Translation Bureaus (INSTB), since after learning about our operation, Thelen suggested we apply to join the network. We have submitted our application in January and are waiting for the response, says another responsible teacher Kalle Konttinen.

Startup! course, the first Intoa! Entrepreneurial Act of the Year winner, has purchased new study materials among others. In addition, the plan is to further develop the course with international colleagues. In the course, students from all the faculties at the University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences form multidisciplinary teams around business ideas and develop them for six months like start-ups.

— Participating in the competition helped to refine the communications on the course, and offered a great amount of visibility and various new contacts. You should seize this opportunity!, encourage the leaders of the Startup! course, Senior Researcher Pekka Stenholm and Project Researcher Tommi Pulkkinen.



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