Hello Human Student! Wanna Accelerate with Boost?

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Entrepreneurship society Boost Turku is launching Human Accelerator for curious individuals who want to learn new and relevant work-life skills and do something meaningful. The eight-week program is open for University students who are highly motivated in developing themselves.

The accelerator program consists of 8 workshops, other small tasks and a couple of social gatherings for the participants. Workshops take place on Tuesday evenings at 18.00 and last approximately 3 hours. The University of Turku will provide credits for its students that complete the program. Students will make a personal learning plan and are entitled to credits.

Anssi Ketopaikka, the Network and Space Program Manager at Boost Turku, encourages everyone to register.

The aim of the program is to help students discover their skills and potential and to focus intensively on their personal development. The workshop leaders are young professionals all with backgrounds from local higher education schools. This makes it possible for the participating students to have something to identify with. Since the registration requires a commitment to the program for the whole spring, there is a great chance of creating a very unique peer support network amongst the participants. We also want to reach new people who are not familiar with entrepreneurial thinking yet.

We have a great spring and summer coming up. In addition to Human Accelerator, Boost Turku organizes a 54h Innovation Camp where you can validate the business potential of your business idea throughout a weekend. During the summer you may participate in the Startup Journey Accelerator, where you can get credits and even win 10 000 euros. The application period starts on the 15th of February.

Program for Human Accelerator (Tuesdays, at 6 pm, at SparkUp or Boost Academy)

20.2 Dream Workshop – Setting goals
27.2 Recognizing your skills
6.3 Tools and software needed in work life
13.3 Create your own website
20.3 Marketing 101
27.3 Graphic Design
3.4 Innovation
10.4 Motivation + Ending party

Registration for the program is open: Click here!

The registration period ends on 13.2.2018 or when the program is full (30 participants). After your registration Boost Turku will send you a confirmation email within a couple of days.

Note that only a limited number of people are accepted into the program.

The program is for students of Åbo Akademi, University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, HUMAK and Novia. The program is in English and events are hosted at SparkUp and Boost Academy. Participates also get T-shirts and the proud right to call themselves Boost people!

More info: anssi.ketopaikka@boostturku.com

Boost Turku is a multidisciplinary entrepreneurship society for all entrepreneur-minded higher education students in the Turku region. https://boostturku.com/


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