The University of Turku at SHIFT Business Festival 2018

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The University of Turku is partnering with the popular SHIFT Business Festival for the third time. As an Entrepreneurial University, the University of Turku encourages the festival visitors to find out about university-business collaborations by showcasing diverse ways of working together with top research.

SHIFT facilitates a platform that connects industry with tech. The festival features two days full of meaningful conversations, a fantastic stage program, round-table discussions and workshops, in addition to several side events as well as networking sessions and a great after-party.

During the festival, the University of Turku will showcase collaborations between companies and the university. On both days, there will be slots during which a company representant and a university representant will present and discuss the ongoing or finished cases at our booth, near the Industry Stage. The interesting cases vary from IT to future studies and from business to executive education. Come and pay our booth a visit both during and outside the slots we are there for you!




11.00 – 12.00
Laboratory of Business Disruption Research

Thomas Westerholm, director, Centre for Collaborative Research and Patrick Halford, Advisor to VCs
Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku has launched a new research laboratory in order to create new understanding and business tools to forge business disruptions. Westerholm and Halford discuss the influence of robotics and automation on daily life, business and know-how. Halford is an advisor to a number of VCs on exponential technology investments, as well as board member and advisor to drone & healthcare startups, and a mentor for Turku Science Park. He is on the Faculty of Singularity Nordics covering mobility, and teaches business model innovation at a number of Nordic business schools including TSE.

14.00 – 15.00
Allied ICT Finland Alliance Network

Paavo Kosonen, Development Manager, UTU and Teemu Tasanto, CEO, ATR Soft Oy
The purpose of the alliance is to enable growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies by providing contacts, financing opportunities, expert assistance as well as research and customer relationships.

15.30 – 16.30
Intoa Lean Business Programme

Timo Vasankari, Project Manager, UTU Department of Future Technologies and Pasi Järvenpää, SVP R&D, Teleste Corporation
University of Turku and Teleste Corporation have jointly carried out an Intoa Lean Business project called the Smart Bus Stop. Come and meet the staff and students and hear what they have accomplished.


10.45 – 11.45
3DTech, Valohai and Bastu network platform

Keijo Koskinen, Senior Advisor, Bastu, Tomi Kalpio, Co-owner and -founder, 3DTech and Otso Rasimus, Creative Director and founder, Valohai
3DTech is a Turku-based company specializing in 3D printing, scanning, modeling, reverse engineering, visualization and consultation as well as contract manufacturing. The company has actively been engaged with Bastu network from the start.
Valohai is a machine learning platform, which automates the whole machine learning pipeline from feature extraction, to training your models and to deploying them into production. The platform ensures you’re working with best practices and enables you to scale up your machine learning teams.

13.15 – 14.15
Benefits of dynamic foresight systems in the organisations: case City of Turku

Tarja Vuorinen, Development Manager, City of Turku and Hanna-Kaisa Aalto, Education Manager, Finland Futures Research Centre, UTU
How to tackle the future challenges in the constantly changing working environment and disruptions? What is the dynamic tool for systematic and continuously improving follow-up? TSE exe’s Certified Foresight Prosessional –programme offers you insights for the future planning. Join the session and discuss how this is done in City of Turku.

15.30 – 16.30
Korkeakoulukumppani (University Partner) facilitating interaction between students and businesses

Tero Keva, Senior Advisor, Turku Science Park and Mathias Lehtinen, Alexander Fagernäs, Helen Eklöf, Korkeakoulukumppani (University Partner)
Korkeakoulukumppani is a network of all six of Turku’s higher education institutions, which aims to match companies and students.


The main event, as well as the After Party will take place in Kakolan Lääni (Kakolankatu, Turku). The prison yard, as well as parts of the old prison itself, will host multiple stages and workshop areas as well as matchmaking areas and coworking spaces. The University of Turku booth is located near the Industry Stage.

Tuesday 22.5.
12-18 (doors open at 11, lunch and matchmaking available)

Wednesday 23.5.
10-16.30 (doors open at 9, coffee and matchmaking available)
16.30 Pre After Party
19.00 Official After Party

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This might interest you too, academic person!

SHIFT Side Event

Time: May 23rd 2018 @ 8:30-12:00
Location: Turun kaupunginteatteri, Itäinen rantakatu 14, Turku​

The actors to excel on the digital scene are the ones who are able to renew. To benefit from the abundance of data that digitalization enables, it is necessary to break old habits and build new​. Key questions rising are:

  • How do you engage your customer digitally?
  • Digitalization creates transparency of your operations. Is this a risk or an opportunity?
  • How can data analysis improve your understanding of customer needs?

Join this Shift side event on the 23rd of May 2018 to learn from digital professionals such as Wiima Logistics, Turun kaupunginteatteri and Data Refinery, and workshop with peers for further insights into digital customer engagement.

The event is free of charge, but requires enrollment by 20.5.2018. 



8.30 Breakfast served

9.00 Prologue and welcoming words
Taina Eriksson, project manager, DigiPro
Thomas Westerholm, director, Disruption Lab

9.15 Act 1: Engaging the audience
ArtoValkama, CEO, Turun kaupunginteatteri

10.00 Act 2: Transparency by digitalization
Jarno Kuronen, Project Manager, Digitalization Wiima Logistics

10.45 Pause

11.00 Act 3: Knowing the audience through analytics
Laura Avonius, VP, Innovation & Internationalization Data Refinery Ltd

11.45 Epilogue and summary
Aki Koponen, Research Director, Disruption Lab
Ari Viitanen, COB, Carinafour


Also: Nick Bostrom, Cathy O’Neil, Geoffrey West!

The greatest minds of artificial intelligence, data science and theoretical physics from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford are arriving to Turku in May! In SHIFT Business Festival you can hear research results from Nick Bostrom, Cathy O’Neil and Geoffrey West about how AI, society and growth are tangled together.

SHIFT is an event that bridges academia with business, and is aimed for all enthusiasts from students to experts who are interested in the changes, challenges and possibilities that technology provides in the future. To live up to the theme Redefining Normal, we bring the festival feeling to the old prison of Kakola 22.5-23.5.2018.

Program Highlights

22.5 Nick Bostrom (Oxford professor and Director of Future of Humanity Institute) – Superintelligence  

23.5 Cathy O’Neil (Harvard PhD and MIT postdoc researcher) –  Weapons of Math destruction  (coming soon…)

23.5 Geoffrey West (Stanford graduate, President of Santa Fe Institute)  – Scale – Universal laws of growth

Program tracks:

22nd of May

Future of Intelligence
Emotionally Intelligent Machines
Amplified Humans
Industry track: AI in Maritime

23rd of May

Laws of Growth
Algorithmic Inequality
Intelligent Space
Industry track: Modern Mobility

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