Apply: Digital Foods Business Startup – a new project with Raisio Group

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A new project, to find and develop product and business concepts utilizing the possibilities of digitalization, was launched together with Raisio Group  on the 9th of January.  The Digital Foods Business Startup is a project of the Intoa! Lean Business Programme, where a multidisciplinary team consisting of researchers and students is given a real-life business challenge.

The project will start of with a Business Innovation Camp, where 8-12 students create in a two-day workshop new ideas, solutions and business model concepts with the help of experts from Raisio Group and Turku School of Economics. After the camp a project team of 3-6 students and researchers is formed. This team will work on the project as if an actual startup searching for a scalable business model. The project team will be supervised and advised by board consisting of directors and experts from Raisio as well as University of Turku. However, apart from the guidance of the board the team functions independently. The members of the project team will be selected from both among the attendants of the Business Innovation Camp and via separate applications. Stay tuned for more information!

N.B. Still a few days time to apply for the Business Innovation Camp! 

Read more (in Finnish): 

For further information contact Mikko Pohjola, Entrepreneurship Programme Manager.


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