Entrepreneurial Learning Ecosystems Forum on 17 November Discusses How to Enable Continuous Learning in Entrepreneurship

Yleinen Kommentit pois päältä artikkelissa Entrepreneurial Learning Ecosystems Forum on 17 November Discusses How to Enable Continuous Learning in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Learning Ecosystems Forum is for researchers, teachers and practitioners interested in entrepreneurial learning ecosystem development. The programme will give access to examples from the Turku region and elsewhere in Finland. The forum will take place on 17 November in Turku and it is part of the international RENT (Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business) conference and part of the national entrepreneurship education event “Yrittäjyyden ytimessä”. 

Entrepreneurial learning ecosystems enable continuous learning in entrepreneurship. They encompass learning that takes place in formal education as well as outside it in informal and non-formal learning in companies, third sector activities and recreational activities.

The Entrepreneurial Learning Ecosystems Forum programme consists of expert keynotes and comment rounds as well as cases on how to bridge education and work-life in entrepreneurial learning. The programme gives access to examples from the Turku region and elsewhere in Finland about entrepreneurial learning ecosystem development. Participants will also have an opportunity for networking and interactive discussions.


Time: 17 November, 2021 at 14:30–20:00
Place: EduCity, Turku Science Park area (Joukahaisenkatu 7, 20520 Turku. Accessible entrance via ICT-city, Joukahaisenkatu 3, from the gateway to EduCity).

14:30 Opening words, introduction to programme and working methods, Kirsi Peura, University of Turku

14:40 Keynote: Lifelong learning focus areaHelena Mustikainen, Sitra

15:00 Comment rounds to the keynote – opportunities and challenges

Commentator 1: Lifelong learning in entrepreneurship from the perspective of ninth graders’ perception on their entrepreneurial selves according to Ysimittari survey, Anu Raappana, LUT University

Commentator 2: School – business partnerships in creating open and flexible learning environments and individual study pathways in entrepreneurship, Maria Taipale, Raseko Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium, Finland

Commentator 3: Institutional readiness of universities to engage in educational collaboration with companies – Insights from the Engagement readiness monitor, Todd Davey, Institute Mines-Télécom Business School, France

15:45 Instructions on how the programme will proceed

Break and coffee

16:30 Cases – Bridging education and work-life in entrepreneurial learning 

    • Case 1: Experiences of the open batch in entrepreneurial competence in the upper secondary school level, Lauri Vaara, the Economics Information Office (TAT
    • Case 2: Yoop – Turning entrepreneurship competence into credits in higher education, Satu Aaltonen, University of Turku
    • Case 3: YES Entrepreneurship Education network building connections in the national and regional levels, Sanna Lehtonen, National YES Network, Johanna Vainio, YES South-West Finland
    • Case 4: Entrepreneurial learning ecosystem case (municipality)
    • Case 5: Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) programme in higher education, Sanna Ilonen, University of Turku
    • Case 6: Companies as collaborators in the entrepreneurial learning ecosystems, Marja Vartiainen, Expert at Federation of Finnish Enterprises
  • Track 4: PROJECT HUB
    • Come and get to know on-going and forthcoming entrepreneurship education projects! Ideate new projects with potential partners!

17:30 Summary of the Forum

17:45 Guided visit to Wisio – an adaptable training place for entrepreneurship at the Turku Vocational Institute (Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18A, 20500 Turku) – with interactive programme and Forum cocktails.

20:00 End of Forum

Besides the on-site event, there is also a possibility to follow live feed from the Forum online; the live broadcast will include the main programme keynotes and comments and programme from Track 1. On-site participation fee is 50 € and online 30 €. Participants have also an opportunity to present the on-going entrepreneurship education projects in the Forum’s Project hub. The price of the stand is 200 € and it includes a table and participation fee for one person (project representative).

See the full programme and register by 3 November!

The Forum is organized in co-operation between The University of TurkuThe YES Network, YES South-West Finland and the Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education

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