Entrepreneurship for Research Professionals (3 ETCS) course – Apply by 15th October

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The Entrepreneurship for Research Professionals course provides understanding of the multifaceted phenomenon of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behavior as well as practical information on generating a business idea.

Entrepreneurship has an important role in the current welfare society. In addition to having potential to solve societal problems, entrepreneurial competences, i.e. capabilities to create renewal, new businesses and new value for the others, are necessities for organizations of different size operating in global and changing business environment. Similarly, individuals with academic skills need entrepreneurial competences to be able to accommodate with the challenges caused by changing working life.

The Entrepreneurship for Research Professionals course provides students understanding of the multifaceted phenomenon of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behavior and their implications at the individual and organizational level. Afther the course the students understand what it takes to commit oneself to entrepreneurial behavior and new business creation. Similarly, course enables students to assess their own relationship to entrepreneurship. The students will also understand entrepreneurship as an idea and opportunity creation process rather than purely (economic) business activity.

The course is built around three main cores:

  • Entrepreneurship as a career opportunity
  • Business idea and opportunity creation
  • Business planning

During the course the students assess their own entrepreneurial competences, and perform exercises on business idea generation in teams resulting in rapid pitching-exercises aiming to sell their ideas to the others. The students will familiarize themselves with entrepreneurial process: what it takes to map problems and turn them into interesting solutions with business potential. Furthermore, the students will also familiarize themselves with the (local) entrepreneurial ecosystem which provides various support for entrepreneurs.

The course is run in collaboration in BoostTurku/SparkUp who provides assistance in finding relevant start-up support.

Modes of Study and Timing

The course includes one day intensive Learning Camp, wrap-up session after three weeks and independent study of course material before and after the Learning Camp. Individual reflections and learning on entrepreneurship demonstrated in a learning diary.

  • Learning Camp, 1st of Novmeber at 9:00-19:00 (Finnish time)
  • Wrap-up session, 22nd of November at 10:15-12:00 (Finnish time).

How to Apply?

The course is open to the doctoral students of the EC2U partner universities. Selection to the course is done based on a short (max 300 words) motivation letter. Please attach it to the Webropol survey when you register.

Registration in Webropol is open until 15th of October, 2021, click the link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/5C81BF4F35C097E6

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