Entrepreneurship students from Norway visited University of Turku’s Startup!–course

Yleinen Kommentit pois päältä artikkelissa Entrepreneurship students from Norway visited University of Turku’s Startup!–course

Picture: Linnea Tveraaen (on the left) and Eva Røgler presented their startup Snowroller in the Startup!-course.

In mid-February, though winter has not been snowy in Turku, bright and pastel-colored ski suits could be spotted in the center of the city during the student event ‘Pikkulaskiainen’. Snowroller, a Norwegian startup led by Linnea Tveraaen and Eva Røgler, sponsored those retro ski suits.

Getting an invitation to sponsor their ski suits for the student event was the first nudge for Linnea and Eva for travelling to Turku, but they also used the opportunity to ‘desksurf’ which means to visit other possible venture creation programmes. Eva and Linnea are finalizing their master’s degrees this summer in the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, that offers their students a scholarship for desksurfing.

Eva and Linnea describe desksurfing as a unique way to travel somewhere you would not perhaps travel otherwise. They also see it as a great chance to exchange experiences with other startups and students. In the University of Turku’s Startup course, for example, the ‘Snowrollers’ were happy to get to know the students-led sustainable product design startup Cuitu Oy and share tips and ideas with them.

– You can learn a lot in a small amount of time, said Eva and Linnea.

While attending the Startup! course, the Norwegian visitors got the chance to be in a panel and give feedback for Finnish students who pitched their ideas. The change of roles was a nice experience for them, as they are used to being the ones performing a pitch. Because of being experienced pitchers themselves, Eva and Linnea were able to think of what kind of feedback would be useful for the students to help them push forward with their ideas.

In NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, developing a business idea is at the core of the master’s degree. The Norwegian students find that the master’s program is a safe area to test one’s business ideas, to make mistakes and learn from them. As one would imagine, being a university student and managing your own startup at the same time can be very time-consuming.

– No time for Netflix, said the startuppers smilingly.

After finalizing their degrees Linnea and Eva are committed to working full-time with their startup.


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On 27.2.2020

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