Grant For Student Projects – Apply by April 19!

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Do you have an idea for a project or campaign, which you want to carry out in the University of Turku or Turku area? Apply for a grant!

The Entrepreneurial University supports the initiative and innovativeness of the students in this challenging spring.

The grant is intended for financing students’ short term projects which are targeted for the students and/or staff of the University of Turku or citizens, companies and organisations living and operating in the Turku region. Projects need to be carried out during the year 2020.

The grant is meant for activities that inspire people, have a positive impact, and promote well-being and growth at the University of Turku (including campuses in Pori and Rauma) or in the Turku region in general.

The grant can be applied by the University of Turku degree students from all fields of study as independent students or groups of students.

The grant is € 1,000, which may be shared between several applicants.

How to apply?

Applications for the grant are accepted in the spring and autumn via an electronic form in which the applicant outlines

  • the goals and expected positive effects of the project
  • the target group
  • time frame and budget of the project.

Application period in the spring 2020 is open  until April 19!
Read more and apply

Applications for projects that show entrepreneurial spirit and courage to meet challenges while having a positive impact on others are given precedence.

More information:

  • Kirsi Peura, Entrepreneurship Programme Manager (

The student projects are funded in part by the corporate partner of the University of Turku, Lingsoft Oy.

The University of Turku has developed a strategy for entrepreneurial training and entrepreneurship, which incorporates goals for enhancing entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviour, and culture across the entire university and various activities.  As an Entrepreneurial University, the University of Turku consolidates entrepreneurship awareness and enhances entrepreneurial education.


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