Guest lecture 11.4.2017: Jay Barney (University of Utah)

Ajankohtaista Kommentit pois päältä artikkelissa Guest lecture 11.4.2017: Jay Barney (University of Utah)

Date: 11.4.2017
Time: 09:15–11:30
Place: EDU1, Educarium, Assisstentinkatu 5, University of Turku

08:45 Coffee

09:15 Presentations

Welcome and foreword, Professor Jarna Heinonen

How do firms make sense of their strategies and their success/failures, Senior Researcher Pekka Stenholm

The requirements for stability and change on internationally active firms in turbulent times, University Research Fellow Peter Zettinig

Why research-based theory must adopt a stakeholder perspective, Professor Jay Barney*

Company commentary, Business Strategy Director Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi, Accenture

11:30 End of the seminar


*Professor Jay Barney (University of Utah, USA) is best known for his contributions to the research of firms’ competitive advantage and strategic management. Among other activities Professor Barney has published academic research on firm competitiveness, strategic management, and he set the tone for the resource-based view theory.

For more information of the seminar: Senior Researcher Pekka Stenholm,


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