Virtual Smart City Startup – Get 10 000€ to build a smarter, safer and smoother Turku!

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Do you want to be a part of creating a viable technology company in solving modern day urban challenges?

Now is your unique chance to be part of a team building a better city environment!

Teleste Oyj and the City of Turku are looking for a startup oriented team to build and create solutions for a smarter, safer and smoother city environment. The team will work on a business opportunity of their choosing in the the cross-section of surveillance technology, open data and a lively city center. With a 10 000€ budget and mentoring from industry experts, you will have the opportunity of creating real value by developing a viable the business model for real world challenges.

We are looking for a multidisciplinary team of 5-10 students with skills in business development, IT/Software, law, behavioral or social sciences, and marketing. Students from all faculties at the university of Turku can apply. However, if you have a background in information technology, law, business, social sciences, geography or humanities, you are likely to be someone we are looking for. Of course, most importantly we are looking for someone with the curiosity and passion to search for and solve real life challenges in the urban environment! Previous startup or business development experience e.g. Boost Startup Journey is a plus.

As a team, you will be the one choosing the problem to focus on, but possible challenges and possibilities of the modern city include: urban (public/private) transportation, real estate, services e.g. shopping, tourism, civic engagement, congestion, safety, efficient use of real estate and infrastructure, Internet of things, to mention only a few.

In addition to having the possibility of building a viable technology company, by taking part you can earn 15 ECTS, get world class mentoring and supervision from industry experts, and learn lean startup as well as project management skills. The Virtual Smart City Startup project is organised as part of the Capstone project course at the department of information technology. The project continues until March 2017.

If interested, join the Capstone project course teaming workshop on Monday, September 19th, 2pm at Agora 110C,

and send in a short free form application where you describe your motivation, relevant skills, and experience by September 19th at the latest to

For more details contact Mikko Pohjola,, p.+358 41 437 2044.


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