Unsettling Entrepreneurship Education Workshop 13th June – Still time to register!

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📅 Thursday 13th June
🕟 9.00-14.00
📍Turku School of Economics, Rehtorinpellonkatu 3, room to be announced later

Workshop is free of charge and open to all interested educators and teachers but registration is required (link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/AD428324C080DAF6)

Universities are placing emphasis on having entrepreneurship studies and education (EE) across campus and for all students. EE offering has expanded into a set of widely and commonly adopted models and practices, such as venture creation programmes, pitching competitions, lean start-up and venture creation models, drafting business model canvases on one hand and the use of entrepreneurs as guest speakers, training and learning periods spent in small businesses, shadowing entrepreneurs on the other. These however do not seem to have the capacity to raise and address reflexive and critical questions.

In the Unsettling Entrepreneurship Education Workshop the aim is to nurture and provide space for alternative and inventive pedagogies to emerge. The Workshop engages participants into discussing and exploring questions such as;

• How can we keep EE vital by unsettling it, in particular interrogating what has seemingly become ‘untouchable’ from interrogation?
• How can we lay ground for invention in the classroom?
• How can we bring understandings of entrepreneurship more in line of understandings of societal developments, and social change?
• How can we engage students as co-learners?

The workshop aims to be a source for inspiration for new teaching and pedagogical practices that will contribute to unsettling EE and offering the teachers and educators space to be reflexive of their teaching and pedagogical practices.

Workshop facilitators:

Professor Karin Berglund (Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University) and Senior Lecturer Karen Verduijn (VU Amsterdam). Karin Berglund and Karen Verduijn are the Editors of a recent book “Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education: Adopting a critical approach in the classroom” (Routledge).

Workshop host: Ulla Hytti (University of Turku, Finland) is the project leader in the Academic Entrepreneurship as a social Process (ACE) research project sponsoring the workshop. Contact information: Ulla.Hytti@utu.fi

All three workshop organisers are currently guest editing an upcoming Special issue on ”Unsettling Entrepreneurship Education” for the Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy journal (SAGE Publishing).


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